ALAN HARRIS - chairman

Alan Harris first joined R&D at Ferring AB in Malmö in 1984. Alan has worked in many countries for Ferring over the last 37 years: Ferring SA in France, Ferring Pty in Australia, Ferring A/S in Denmark and currently at the Global Headquarters with Ferring International Center SA in Saint-Prex Switzerland.

Alan currently heads up R&D Global Life Cycle Management for the Ferring Group. Alan’s other responsibilities include leading the four BRIC labs in Brazil, Russia, India and China as part of Ferring’s R&D efforts and pipeline expansion in these territories. Alan is chairman of Bazell Pharma AG, located in Allschwil, Switzerland and a Board member of the Karolinska Institut company, Glucox Biopharma AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden. Alan has a PhD in Biopharmaceutics from Uppsala University, Sweden and an MBA from Ashridge Business School, UK.

Erik Schropp - director

Erik Schropp has a master’s degree in Economics and Tax from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has over 30 years of finance and business experience. Before joining Ferring Pharmaceuticals in 1999 he worked as a tax manager in the consultancy business and as an in-house tax and finance specialist.

He is presently Group Financial Officer at the C&P Group. In this capacity he is responsible for overseeing the Group’s financial and legal matters and is involved in the business development activities of the Group. He also holds various board positions at several pharma and life sciences companies.

Dario N. Carrara Ph.D. - Chief Executive Officer

Dario leads the team at Amzell. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and development within Ferring Pharmaceuticals. He was co-founder and Head of Research and Development at Permatec Pharma and was the Managing Director of Antares Pharma AG.

Dario has a dual master’s degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry, and received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Buenos Aires. He is the inventor of more than 30 patents related to pharmaceutical composition and drug delivery technology.


Laetitia manages Amzell’s development program. She is particularly experienced at dealing with outsourcing and liaising with vendors and partners. She has extensive experience in analytical, formulation, pre-clinical and clinical activities.

Laetitia has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Lille.


Arnaud has 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Development (Antares Pharma; Ferring Pharmaceuticals) during which he actively participated in his field of expertise (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) to the development of several innovative products (estradiol; oxybutynin; testosterone) now approved in USA, EU, Australia, etc. Arnaud has also a solid background and understanding in development of new proprietary Intellectual Property and is co-inventor of a dozen families of drug delivery platform and formulation patents granted worldwide.

Arnaud holds a French National Diploma of Doctor of Pharmacy obtained from University d’Auvergne of Pharmacy & Medicine in 2001.

CHRISTINE NUSSBAUM – Head of Analytical Development – CMC Drug Product Development

Christine drives divers task within the analytical field of CMC development projects. Her areas of expertise are drug product characterisation, in-process control, quality control and eCTD-Module 3. She has extensive experience in working with multiple CROs, managing analytical projects in parallel for various pharmaceutical forms, ranging from early to late stage development.

Christine has a master degree in Combined Sciences Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring from the Nottingham Trent University.